At Uragaig

At Uragaig

I crept out of the room
And put on my boots
In the sweet silence.

The sun shone on the beach,
Higher ground called out
A kept promise.

Mull was there and Iona,
Where they say God sleeps
On heather bed.

At first I passed unnoticed
Across the gnarled ridge,
Aching at the view.

And then I caught its eye,
The elemental master,
The western sky.

It frowned toward the sun,
Admonishing the great idle light
For its laissez-faire.

The frown furrowed deeper
And I scurried down
From my triumph

A handful of pebble-rain
It threw,
A reminder,
At my back.

Safe inside with mug in hand
I watched the anger pass
Over the scoured Isle.

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