Four Seasons – A Bangor Football Concerto

Four Seasons – A Bangor Football Concerto

I am pleased to announce that my slim volume of football tales is now available to buy. Please direct message me here for details of how to make your purchase. I also intend to bring copies for an informal launch in Bangor in the very near future.

This no-frills paperback contains accounts of football adventures, ranging from wet days in Carmarthen to high days in Barry and holidays in Vienna. There are some pictures as well. As much as it is a book about the game, it is a book about community, camaraderie and catharsis.

This is the faith we keep. We are Bangor.

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  1. I’ll buy a copy, John! My Dad, Gwyn Edwards, was a director of Bangor City for a few years and at his funeral last year, I told the tale of him telling a barman that one of his group might tell him he’s the Mayor of Bangor and not to believe him as he’s a bit cuckoo. Eddie Dogan later told the barman he was the Mayor and the barman gave Dad a knowing wink. But then Eddie showed him his Mayoral chain!! Let me know how to order/pay. Bethan Pickup (was Edwards when at Friars)

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