If God

If God

If God had anything about God,
God would surely not bother
With churches or mosques
Or some of the human beings God created,
Purporting to be God’s envoys on planet earth.

If God needed people to dress up to get a message across,
Then surely God is on a loser.
It can’t be much of a message
If you have to kneel, or take your hat off, or cover your head, to really understand it.

I am looking down from where God would surely sit if God existed –
Onto the village where the chapel stands empty
And where once people were compelled by men and guilt
To sit cold and weary in order to best hear the sound
Of the illusion of the truth.

If God was keen on love and beauty
And was an enthusiast for kindness
And God invisibly ruled the world
From a realm beyond the imagination of charlatans and thieves
And away from pain and anger and desperation,
Then those who imagine to do God’s bidding could all best sit quietly on top of Moelwyn Mawr
And have a think.

And if God sat there with them
And told them the truth,
It might sink in.

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