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I’m John Dexter Jones and I’m a writer. I’m a copywriter by trade, a songwriter by compulsion and a creative writer inspired by my ever present companions – the mountains and football.

If a visit here inspires someone to experience the profound and uplifting beauty of the high places or the joy and camaraderie that comes from being in a football tribe, then my literary doodles will have been a success.

As a musician, I have spent 38 years helping to create original music. It has been a privilege to perform, to record, to roam the land and perhaps above all, to meet and chat with people I will never know save for those minutes. My musical vehicle has never travelled the fast lane and it has certainly never been in the centre but it rattles along on the inside, kept honest by the hard shoulder. Click here to find out more.

In Bangor, where I’m from, they would say that I’m a bit of a moiderer…

My new book, ‘Four Seasons – A Bangor Football Concerto’ is now available to buy. This slim volume contains accounts of football adventures, ranging from wet days in Carmarthen to high days in Barry and holidays in Vienna. As much as it is a book about the game, it is a book about community, camaraderie and catharsis. Please email me for details.

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