A New Book!

My book about the mountains is nearly finished. I’m hoping it will be for sale before the end of the year...

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Wales v Hungary 19/11/19 Leigh Delamare Services, fuel stop. Miscalculation. The petrol must have been delivered in person by an Emirati Prince. A tenner, then get some on the Newport…

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“What price fan ownership? What price a future? What price the ritual pre-game jar, the cats-cradle of conversations around the table, the advancing of hope, the daring to dream and the anticipation of watching a game that matters. That’s what was dragged away and chained in a dark place. That’s what was starved almost to death in the grim, bleak, endless night – withering and sick to the stomach. That’s what brought us here, back from the brink, to a Beaumaris boozer, cadging a lift to Llangoed.”
What price?

The Fisherman

The water is too clear, They'll see him on his rock, with his new rod. The bait is well enough, Wriggling on its hook, on its line. Baseball cap and…

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Penrhyn Castle

It is a grotesque representation of power. The shouting of it from castellated rooftops, the feel of it on the backs of slaves and the ultimate poverty of its exercise…

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