John Dexter Jones

One Of Us

Bangor Comrades FC is virtual football club. We formed during difficult times for football in the city as a social media space for like-minded genuine Bangor fans to interact and share ideas. One of the most talked about ideas at the time was about our dream for a sustainable, properly run club that could act in the interests of football in the community, and secure its future. By virtue of the efforts of a strong and determined group of fans (many of whom have contributed to our platforms) that real-life club CPD Bangor 1876 FC now exists and is thriving. Our new season is underway, and the excitement of football’s return is palpable.

We had the idea that from time to time, we’d get involved with charitable giving in the community, and try and mobilise our ‘members’ with something football-related. The first Bangor Comrades shirt, now much sought-after, was created to raise money for The Abbey Road Centre in Bangor, and one of our members subsequently donated part of the profits from a book he’d written about Bangor football to the same charity.

Now there’s a new shirt and there’s a desperately important reason for it. Anyone who knows football, knows that the game, whilst important for the lads who take to the field, is owned and curated by the fans. Football fans are a family… a tribe. We celebrate good times and we commiserate over bad times on and off the field. When one of our comrades, Dan, recently passed away with COVID only eighteen months after his dear wife Lou had succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer, he left behind three great kids. One of the Bangor Comrades has set up a Go Fund Me page to help the extended family with the urgent issues arising from a sudden bereavement like this – a link to it can be found across our channels – and now we are making available, with the help of local business Teejac, the new Bangor Comrades FC shirt. It can be ordered directly from the Teejac site and for each shirt sold, all profits will be placed into the fund for Dan and Lou’s children. Look for the link on our Facebook and Twitter pages…

The Bangor Comrades FC vision is to see football acting as a positive force in the community. This is an opportunity to help. It’s a cracking shirt, too!